My path to counselling…

Over the years, I have had some pivotal experiences that impacted my career change and path towards Counselling, it has taken a long time to arrive here – I am no spring chicken – but my failures and successes provide me the compassion and experience to give my clients room to access their own wisdom and freedom.

My journey includes a couple of significant relationship breakdowns, followed by patterns of disordered eating driven by my desire to control something as other parts of life spiraled out of control and unprocessed grief and then eventually a path to peace, recovery and a fulfilled loving life. 

My experience was supported by my Incredible family, Amazing friends & very importantly mental health professionals.

I did NOT get there alone and it was/is a journey, I am still learning & growing.  

Receiving professional support helped me with co parenting. Learning to navigate a kids first approach, prioritizing my kids needs & respectful co-parenting with an equally committed co parent, inspired me to learn, study and grow to hopefully support others who in turn will support there children.  My failures along the road of relationships, doubting my self worth and parenting guides my humble & open approach.

Separation can be incredibly hard & painful, we don’t plan for it or always have the tools to cope. There are many destructive coping strategies (been there!) but we can try another path & you can move from stuck & spiraling to living.

Starting life in Adelaide and then moving to Sydney with my mum, I have an almost life long experience with non nuclear families.  From divorced parents & navigating extra families in childhood, co parenting with my own children, to now blending & step parenting. 

I offer this background not to demonstrate “expertise” or assume I know what anyone is personally going through but to explain my lived experience and what inspired and motivated me to get here.

I don’t have the answers and you don’t need fixing because you are not broken but I will work collaboratively with my clients on how to make the hard stuff easier to sit with.

We all have the strength within us & only you know what is best for you.

I encourage anyone who has ended up on this site, to do the work with any therapist/counsellor that is the right fit for you…

YOU are WORTHY & WORTH IT. Every Body Matters.  

Brooke x



Wife, mum, step mum, fur mum, daughter, step daughter, sister, friend & Counsellor !

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