Support & Counselling for Parents

Parenting is tough.
Non judgemental support can make a huge difference. The Bringing Up GREAT Kids programs can lead to a better relationship for all. Helping you build parenting confidence...

This program was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2005, with more than 50,000 parents benefiting from the program.

After completing Bringing Up GREAT Kids, some parents reported...

Bringing up great kids


The program runs on a weekday evening, for 6 consecutive weeks at the Camden practice. Each sessions is 2 hours and is capped at 4 families per program.

The program is effective in supporting the development of mindful and positive relationships between parents/carers and children. 

Using unique activities and tools for a fresh way for to understand and enact relationships with their children.

Diversity & inclusiveness is celebrated with a judgement free and affirming space provided to support parents/carers to become more reflective and mindful & facilitate opportunities for positive change.

All attendees are required to complete an Intake Form & Group Behaviour Guideline.

Fees: $120 per session per family (max of 2 attendees per family).  

Fees are debited weekly via your credit or debit card with commitment to the full program necessary.

Group numbers will be capped so please register your interest here for the next program.

teens eating pizza recovered from disordered eating
mum and child positive role modeling for good relationship with food

Bringing up great kids

Private Sessions

If you are interested in increasing your Parenting Confidence and learning the tools and activities in the evidence based program in a private setting away from a Group environment, these sessions may be the right fit for you.  

With a maximum of 2 participants per family we will work together for 8 weeks for 90 minutes per session.  

All participants are required to complete a parent/carer intake form prior to the 1st session.

Fees: $250 per 90 minute session per family
Fees are paid weekly.

These private sessions can be offered via Telehealth if required.

Bringing up great Adolescents

PRIVATE & Group Programs -


This evidence based program is delivered to support parents to experience their journey with their adolescent as a positive adventure by providing new knowledge about adolescent brain development, communication styles and different ways of understanding and responding to the behaviour of your adolescent.

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