your struggle is real, but you don't have to do this alone

Sometimes in life, it’s difficult to manage what is thrown at us.

Talking with someone who can guide you in a safe way to uncover what might be hidden amongst the layers of “I’m OK, I’m fine, I’m hanging in there, I am not coping” may help.

Counselling aims to help support you to discover better ways to manage what you are dealing with and how to process events and move you from stuck to living.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

"A positive body image includes body neutrality, loving your body and everything in between. It means having a relationship with your body that is based on respect, appreciation, acceptance, trust and kindness" Amy Harman, author of Perfectly Imperfect.


Individual Counselling

I offer a person centred counselling approach to support all folks to process what’s challenging them and support & empower them to move forward when they are stuck.

This can be related to stress , burnout, overwhelm, loss , struggling with change and transitions, relationships, separation, co parenting, family blending, anxious thoughts, anger & identity struggles.

I also work with young people, aged over 15yrs and their families who are experiencing challenges.   My collaborative approach working with young people under 16 years of age, involves an intake session with parents/care givers prior to my first & then ongoing sessions with the individual young person.  

Session fees:

$135 per 60 minute session

NDIS Plan & Self Managed participants welcome. Invoiced as per NDIS fee scheduled of $156 per session

girl stressed and overwhelmed needing counselling
teen frustrated and parents trying to discipline

eATING DISORDERS, DISORDEREd eating & body image

I support all folks who are struggling with their relationship with food, their body, regardless of size, age, gender, ethnicity and wish to change that.   

There is no right way to recover from an Eating Disorder or Disordered Eating but recovery IS possible! They are serious mental health illnesses and most people need support to recover.

Everyone has such  individual & unique experiences – no two histories, complexities, and experiences are the same.

Focus on body image can lead to a low self worth & self esteem & can seriously impact our life, physical & mental health.

I use a range of evidence based approaches for eating disorders & disordered eating challenges including FBT (Family Based Therapy), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT) depending on the person and circumstances.

Self love should not be conditional on being thin enough & it is achievable… Every Body Matters.

Session fees: 

$135 per 60 minute session.

NDIS Plan & Self Managed participants welcome.  Invoiced as per NDIS fee scheduled of $156 per session


COUPLES & relationship counselling

Using evidence based training and interventions from the Gottman Relationship method, Emotional Focused Couples Therapy, Solution Focused Couples Therapy and the Developmental Model for Relationship, I work with relationship from a non judgmental, empathatic and supportive place.

If communication is lacking, conflict is constant, or their has been betrayal or infidelity in the relationship, a disconnect and not knowing how to get back the spark in your relationship.  When needs are not met or not expressed high relationship dissatisfaction can occur.  A trained guide or counsellor can help steer your relationship back, teaching you the skills to apply to bring back connection, intimacy, compassion, care, joy and LOVE.

Session fees:
Initial Couples session  $250 (2 hours) 
Ongoing Couple’s session $210  (90 minutes)

Number of sessions required will depend on the complexities and history of the relationship & what is therapeutically required for lasting change.  On average at least 5 sessions are needed.

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