I support all folks with counselling IN a safe space to be heard, seen, accepted & work towards healing together. I work with individuals. families and relationships.

navigating life challenges

difficult relationships stages

body weight stigma - eating disorders - disordered eating
self image - self worth

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break up -loss

Recovery is possible
Let me support you back to peace & recover

eating disorders & disordered eating recovery
relationship counselling


Overcoming our challenges, managing our obstacles & trying to process our thoughts alone can be tough.

Sometimes we don’t even know why (?) or understand our triggers and sometimes, we are responding to very real stressors and impacts.

Lifelong or new battles with body image , self worth &
relationships with food & exercise are really hard to navigate on your own.

I provide a safe and judgement free space, to walk along side you and support your desire to be unstuck and move forward.

Every Body Matters.

Individual Counselling
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Providing person centered counselling from my practices in Camden & Picton, NSW, to move forward and through challenges.

If these locations are convenient or any other reason Telehealth is also available for all folks wanting support.

eating disorders & Disordered Eating Recovery
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I work with adults & young people from 14 years who may be  experiencing or at risk of disordered eating, eating disorders, body dysmorphia and/or challenging relationships with food, exercise & body image.

Couples & relationship counselling
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Supporting relationships to repair, heal, reconnect and flourish. 

Any stage of relationship, Marriage, partnership, pre marriage & individuals post separation. 

Work with me to bring change and move you forward to joy and LOVE.

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hi there, I'm Brooke,

I am an Australian Counselling Association accredited Counsellor. 

I am qualified and passionate about providing person centered counselling and recovery for individuals, couples/relationships and families!  I will meet you where you are at in a safe, affirming and non judgemental space…

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"By taking care of myself, I have so much more to offer the world, compared with when I am running on empty" - Ali Washington